Custom Wood Burning


Custom Wood Burning

from 400.00

Send in any photo - portrait or otherwise - for me to turn into custom art on plywood!

A wood burning makes for a unique and easy addition to any home. The inherent sepia effect of pyrography offers a timeless quality to your image that will go with any interior.

Whether you’re looking to send in a friend’s Instagram photo for a perfect gift or to invest in a family heirloom, this is a really cool way to do it.

Be sure to get in touch after your purchase! Scroll down for details.

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What you get:

→ Free photo consultation

→ Ready to hang (unframed)

→ Track my progress on Instagram @camille.labarre

→ Shout out on my Instagram

→ Beautiful custom artwork created thanks to your support of a young artist!



If you don’t see the dimensions you’re looking for, get in touch!

Smaller dimensions = less detail

Average cost of labor and expenses per square inch: $5

I reserve the right to interpret the photo as I see fit

Wood Burning is very labor intensive - please be patient.

Plywood is an industrial material with imperfections

No returns, refunds, or modifications.